Country: USA
Language: English.
Release Date: 2017
AKA: La Belle et la bete
Starring: Emma Watson. Josh Gad.
Director: Bill Condon.

Beauty And The Beast

Disney's animated classic is a Musical in 2017 but the storyline is very familiar. We have a Prince who becomes captive in the form of a Beast with True Love being his only escape. We also have The Beauty, Belle, who goes to live with the Beast to save her Father. And, as she is the only human girl to ever visit the castle since it was enchanted everyone is hoping true love will blossom.

I was really excited about this film because what's not to like, Josh Gad, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. They sing, they dance, they swoon and they fight. So, this film is going to be great, right?

Bill Condon is a Director I admire and I liked what he did with the final Twilight Film. But there was a lack of passion in the telling of this tale as old as time.

There was also some pretty bad CGI, mainly for the Beast and the Servants. I mean really, if a television show like Game Of Thrones can afford it, surely a Disney Blockbuster that earned over $1.2 billion at the Box Office can as well.

There was never a high and there was never the exhilaration that the animated version produced. Even Kevin Kline's song was low-key and this man has proved he can sing many times.

Autotune also played a part in Emma Watson's singing and I really believe she could have done without it. Seriously.

It wasn't a bad film at all as there are plenty of things to like about it. Perhaps I'm just a jaded filmgoer these days with over high expectations.

Box Office:
The film made over $1.2 billion at the Worldwide Box Office.