Country: Uk, Germany, Austria.
Language: English. German.
Release Date: 2011
AKA: Cómo casarse con un billonario.
Starring: Felicity Jones, Bill Nighy.
Director: Phil Traill.

Chalet Girl

Kim (Felicity Jones) used to be a champion skateboarder. Things happened and she is reduced to flipping burgers to support herself and her Dad. Out of the blue an opportunity presents itself when she lucks into a winter-long catering job in one of the plushest ski chalets in the Alps.

Before Felicity Jones (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) was a household name she starred in this little Indie Film from the UK. Her co-stars Bill Nighy (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) and Georgia King (Wild Child) all do a sterling job of keeping this film on track.

It was actually really pleasant to watch Ed Westwick play a nice guy as Chuck Bass was hardly ever nice. It was great to see him interact with tomboy Kim and his "Father" Bill Nighy. Actually, overall it was a well cast film and the cast seemed to have a bond.

The script is hilarious, with enjoyably sarcastic remarks abounding. The setting in the Austrian Alps is breathtaking. And, the romance, when it happens, is subtle and not too tacky, or predictable for that matter.

Kim falls for Jonny, the son of the wealthy family living in the Chalet. It's quite obvious that Jonny feels a spark for Kim as well, despite his engagement to another woman. It's not often that a romantic "Chick Flick" is as humorous as this little gem of a film. Bill Nighy and Ed Westwick definitely spin off each other in the comedy stakes.

But the star is Felicity Jones and she has great comedic timing. Watch her teaching herself to snowboard and not laugh, I dare you. Her attempts to cook meals in the Chalet is also amusing at first before she finds her footing and steps up her game.

Love that Kim adjusts to her surrounds quite happily and enjoys vintage champagne and caviar while working hard in the Chalet kitchen. The lifestyle is quite overpowering and to keep her sanity she teaches herself to snowboard and is so good at it she enters the end-of-season competition to try to win the much needed prize money. But first she has to overcome some pretty serious fears.

No spoilers for the rest of the film.

It's on my playlist.

Box Office:
So, Chalet Girl earned the grand total of $1.7mil at the worldwide box office with most of the money coming from foreign sales. Domestically the film was released in only one cinema, earning $175.00 for the first day and closing shortly after that. Seriously? I cannot believe they let this happen to this film, one cinema is a tragedy.