Country: UK. USA.
Language: English. Khmer.
Release Date: 2016.
AKA: Animali fantastici e dove trovarli.
Starring: Eddie Redmayne.
Director: David Yates.
Reboot: .

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

The escapades of writer Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches and wizards. The year is 1926, seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.

Firstly, Eddie Redmayne is perfect in the part of Newt. He has a Chaplinesque acting method, which he reveals in a kind-hearted, whimsical and always humorous way.

Newt is in New York where he mixes up bags with Jacob Kowalski (Dan Folger). Unfortunately, one of the beasts escapes, a Niffler, who is attracted by shiny metals. It becomes hilarious when Jacob and Newt corner the beast in a Bank and it starts creating havoc, which Jacob and Newt are blamed for.

The Bank Manager accuses them of trying to rob the Bank. So, Newt apparates them to the sidewalk, where a witch, Porpentina Goldstein (Waterston), approaches them and asks for an explanation of what is going on. Turns out she is like a witch FBI agent (or Auror) and she takes them in for questioning.

The jargon is quite cute really, with MACUSA (MAgical Congress of the United State of America) and No-Maj, a person with no magical capabilities, or as we already know it, a muggle.

Love that the UK and USA have the different names and rules for everything magic. And, after all the beasts escape, Newt is very passive about it all; New Yorkers are dazed and confused while the beasts just wreak havoc.

Jon Voight's character of Henry Shaw Snr and his family are, presumably, the muggles in charge of New York. He and his offspring are all Anti-Maj, ha ha just made that up, they are very anti magic. They treat Newt and Co like freaks and it is obvious they are hateful bullies. (JK is good at writing bullies).

Then it all starts becoming very black with Graves (Colin Farrell) killing Shaw's Son and blaming Newt which ends up with Newt and Porpentina being sentenced to Death.

I'm not going to spoil the ending of the film because it is complicated and pretty great to watch.

But, I will say, Ezra Miller is fabulous as Credence and he has an air of Depp about him. Which, funnily enough, is completely real because later it is revealed he actually is Depp. Well Depp masquerading as John Lydon.

One of the final scenes, in Jacob's Bakery, is very appealing and brings a few of the key players together again.

Very annoyed by the Ragtime music playing at the end of the film, as it is a complete rip-off of John Williams Star Wars bar scene in essence.

Too soon.

Box Office:
The film earned upwards of $814mil at the Worldwide Box Office.