Country: USA.
Language: English. Spanish.
Release Date: 2016
AKA: La chica del tren
Starring: Emily Blunt. Hayley Bennett.
Director: Tate Taylor.

The Girl On The Train

Commuter Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) catches daily glimpses of a seemingly perfect couple, Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan (Hayley Bennett), from the window of her train. So, one day, Rachel is an eyewitness to a shocking incident in the backyard of these strangers' home. She tells the authorities what she thinks she saw after learning that Megan is now missing and feared dead. Unable to trust her memory, Rachel begins her own search for clues, while police suspect that she may have crossed a treacherous line.

Firstly, woot!! One of the female supporting actors is Hayley Bennett, who played Cora Corman in Hugh Grant's "Music and Lyrics". I've been waiting to see this young lady on film again. And, she's brilliant in the part of Megan.

And, secondly, this film is hard work to watch, because Rachel is undergoing a painful journey with alcoholism and her husband Tom (Justin Theroux) is divorcing her. Which traps Rachel in an infinite and vicious circle of blame and misery.

It's also hard to watch because you start to believe that Rachel is actually the villain as she is an alcoholic and her memory is suffering.

And, everyone else believes that Megan is dead which makes Rachel question herself deeply and despairingly as she starts to think she may have done the deed.

It seems though that the Police have Megan's ex, the violent Scott, as their prime suspect.

So, to put the focus back on the storyline, there is an interesting sequence of events when Tom tells Rachel that he got fired because she disgraced him at his boss' barbecue when she blacked out. And, of course, Rachel can't remember what happened so she believes him.

The Director, Tate Taylor (The Help), wanted Rachel to have a "light bulb" moment when she finally discovers that Tom is a liar. Thus, he created the character of Martha (Lisa Kudrow), Tom's boss' wife, who catches up with Rachel on the train. Rachel apologises profusely for her behaviour at the barbecue.

Martha is visibly confused. She says all that happened during the barbecue is that Rachel didn't feel well; which made Tom so angry that he physically threw her out of the garden onto the road and started screaming at her. "Oh, and Tom was fired because he slept with every woman in the office. We all felt so bad for you. He was such a bad guy." Martha says.

Because of all the tension is it such a relief to hear these words because at last the penny drops.

After digesting this news, Rachel now feels certain that it is Tom who has murdered Megan and also feels that he will likely try to kill her.

It's all mixed up with Rachel being Tom's ex and drunk a lot and stalking them ... BUT IS IT?

Like I said, it's hard to watch. Ms Blunt spends most of the film sans makeup in her drunken and emotional state but with joining AA and sorting out the monsters in her life, she gets her act together.

By the end of the film you know it was worth the journey for her. It's a convoluted story with interesting plotlines and both ups and downs.

At times I had to look away, especially when I started to realise that Rachel wasn't the big bad.

Interesting that the character is named Rachel, as Justin Theroux is dating Jennifer Aniston who was Rachel on Friends. Originally they wanted to call Kudrow's character Monica but that changed quite quickly to Martha. And, we all know why.

There is a flashback sequence where it is confirmed who kills Megan but on that tiny spoiler, my lips are sealed.

The Girl On The Train is the film of the unstoppable best selling novel of the same name, from Author Paula Hawkins.

Box Office:
The film made $173mil approximately at the Worldwide Box Office. It was in cinemas for 12 weeks with production costs of $45mil.