Country: Sweden. Denmark. Germany.
Language: Swedish.
Release Date: 2010
AKA: Luftslottet som sprangdes
Starring: Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist.
Director: Daniel Alfredson.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

"Hornet's Nest" begins the day after "Played With Fire" ends. We see Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Nyqvist) arrested by an inept policeman at Zalachenko's farm. But not before he patches Lisbeth Salander's wounds with duct tape. Blomkvist sends Lisbeth and her father (the unrelentingly malicious Zalachenko) to a hospital in Sweden. Salander (Rapace) is placed under arrest immediately and a Doctor removes Zalachenko's bullet from Salander's brain.

The exhilaration and anticipation of seeing Salander finally get her day in Court is too much to bear. The film meanders through the dreary and we all sit on tenterhooks waiting to see what happens to Lisbeth.

Lisbeth Salander is one of my favourite Heroines. She is a tech-savvy Goth who has a large Dragon tattoo and possesses extraordinary computer hacking abilities. She fights on the side of justice and sometimes falls slightly askew of the black and white and stumbles into the grey.

She has had a violent, dark and very interesting life but now she has been falsely accused of three murders and is awaiting trial. She is also in Hospital recovering from her Father shooting her in the head.

Let the games begin.

Spoiler Alert:
I can't bear the thought of not relating exactly what happens in this film. Because it is way too pleasing to hide it away so I am giving in to the exhilaration and explaining what happens with every air punch moment.

I just sashayed over to Rotten Tomatoes to see how this film was rating. Not so good it seems, as it sits at 53% or something. There are quite a few green splats and some unconscionable remarks have been made.

So, for her trial, Lisbeth punks it up to the max, methinks the Mohawk and leathers are stunning. She receives mixed reviews from the Courtroom Witness stand.

Air Punch 1: Teleborian's lies are flowing like water and his false truths appear to be blithely accepted by the Witnesses and the Judge. The first two days of Lisbeth's trial, on counts of aggravated violence, proceed calmly. Lisbeth just sits and watches, without a word, and you just know she has some secrets up her sleeve.

Air Punch 2: The same day Blomkvist airs pre-recorded interviews and an hour-long program on the "Section" that systematically destroy Teleborian's testimony. In fact it proves that the "Section" and Teleborian had conspired to commit Lisbeth at age 12 and that her rights had been violated.

Air Punch 3: Then Lisbeth presents some interesting documents and a video to the Court and we see a dramatic turn of events. Of course, the video is of her Guardian, Bjurman, raping her.

Air Punch 4: Teleborian is finally seen as the liar he is.

Air Punch 5: Teleborian is arrested for possession of child pornography, which was found on his computer by Salander and her (cough) hacker friends, Plague and Trinity. The judge realises that the law is on Salander's side and withdraws all charges against her. Lisbeth is a free woman.

Oh, why not, one last Air Punch just for the hell of it!

The story doesn't end there but this review does. Let's just say her long lost Brother finds her again.

Box Office:
The film made over $43mil at the Worldwide Box Office.