Country: USA.
Language: English. Mandarin.
Release Date: 2016
AKA: ID Forever Part 1
Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth.
Director: Roland Emmerich.

Independence Day: Resurgence

No one who lived through the first attack was in any doubt that they were going to come back. Twenty years later Earth is using Alien Technology to help protect the Planet. But nothing could have prepared the people of Earth for this attack. This time the Aliens want more than a reckoning, they want total annihilation.

There are a few things I like about ID:R and the first would have to be the openly gay middle aged couple, Dr Milton Isaacs and Dr Brackish Okun to be exact. You will remember Okun as the scientist with the wild gray hair who became the alien's puppet in the first film. The Doctors' relationship, even with the small amount of time on screen, was endearing. Nice touch Emmerich.

Oh, small catch up point, apparently, Okun didn't die in the first film but was in a Coma for twenty years, he awakens at the first signs of the Aliens returning.

The other thing I liked was the camaraderie amongst the younger players. There were interesting storylines, romantic moments, battle scenes and good casting. Especially, Jessie Usher as Will Smith's son.

It was nice to see Liam Hemsworth in a role with some Oomph and he played the WW3 Pilot with enough cocky arrogance to impress even Errol Flynn or Han Solo for that matter.

Also, a nice homey touch with Jeff Goldblum returning and bonus, his script was endearing as well.

Oh, and a special shout out to Bill Pullman (the former President) who survives and makes his crazy storyline his own. Loved the performance. Kudos.

The biggest dislike I had was the CGI, not the quality because that was fine, but the amount of things that were going on on screen which made it hard to concentrate on anything. The result for me was the fast forward button after my eyes started going blurry trying to keep up.

Possibly the most convoluted ending to a film I've seen since Inception (did you notice none of the actors could explain anything about Inception's premise, even Christopher Nolan had a hard time, ha!).

Spoiler Alert:
Anyway, the ending, in the words of Spandau Ballet, To Cut A Long Story Short, I Lost My Mind: The Humans go to the Moon and shoot down a different alien species. They take a part of the Alien back to Area 51, cut it open and find the actual Alien inside. An Alien with superior artificial intelligence and they're given advice on how to Beat the Queen Alien. The Humans ignore this advice, as you do when you're given free advice from a superior intelligent race.

So, they manage to beat the Queen anyway but the fight with the rest of the bad Aliens is left for the next film. And, I report this sadly, as I'm a huge Roland Emmerich (2012, White House Down) fan but with those Box Office figures, I'm afraid it might not happen.

Box Office:
Independence Day: Resurgence earned $389mil at the box office and was in cinemas for 12 weeks. It's predecessor earned $817mil (in 1996) and was in cinemas 28 weeks. I think those stats hint that the public didn't embrace the second film.