Country: UK. USA.
Language: English.
Release Date: 1958.
AKA: Indiskret
Starring: Ingrid Bergman. Cary Grant.
Director: Stanley Donen.


Famous theatre actor Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman) is prepared to accept a single life. She believes she has missed her chance at meeting a husband. Eventually she is introduced to a friend of her brother-in-law's, Philip Adams (Cary Grant), and she decides he could be her chance. Their romance blossoms despite the fact that he's already married.

Spoiler Alert:
This film is hilarious and that is mostly due to the amazing ensemble of talented British actors. Led by the utterly charming, and not English, Ms Ingrid Bergman in her first comedic role.

It was a pleasure to watch Phyllis Calvert and Cecil Parker as Anna's sister (Margaret) and brother-in-law (Alfred). Simply because without them there wouldn't have been the depth of wicked comedy this film is all about.

The chemistry between Anna and Philip is electrifying from the first moment they are introduced. In fact Anna just stands staring at Philip for the longest time and is unable to speak. It's obvious she has fallen in love at first sight and it's a brilliant piece of acting.

The fact that Philip is married becomes the perfect anti climax of the film because, as it turns out, he is not married.

Philip always says he is married because he doesn't want women to want to marry him. He wants to remain a firm bachelor without a wife. When Anna learns the whole story she is outraged and gets a former lover to appear to make Philip jealous, which works surprisingly well.

Unbeknownst to Philip, who is deliriously happy, at a grand ball and dancing with Anna, who is obviously not as smitten as she once was.

Cary Grant's dance routine at the grand ball is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. He has a ridiculous grin on his face the whole time and he is super-hyper because he's with Anna.

The jig is up.

The climax is that Philip is so jealous of David he is outraged when Anna won't marry him. And, he calls her out for it by saying, "We can't continue an affair, it is wrong, we have to get married."

A sophisticated comedy and I don't know who is funnier Bergman or Grant. There are eye-opening performances from both these stellar actors as they show just how fabulous they both are.

Slick scripting, directing and acting and, of course, they get married, this is a Hollywood film after all.

Box Office:
It was hard work but I finally found the Box Office, which was $8mil. Not a bad earner for 1958.