Country: France. UK.
Language: French.
Release Date: 2003
AKA: Decalage Horair
Starring: Juliette Binoche. Jean Reno.
Director: Daniele Thompson.

Jet Lag

At Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, a beautician on her way to a new job in Mexico accidentally meets a cook who is on his way back from America. Labor strikes, bad weather, and pure luck cause the two of them to share a room overnight at the airport Hilton hotel. Will their initial mutual indifference and downright hostility turn into a one night stand or perhaps something more?

Whoever thought of pairing Reno (Felix) and Binoche (Rose) romatically on screen deserves a cesar award as there is so much chemistry between these two it's a delight to watch. The pair meet in an airport, Rose is running from her current partner and Felix is running to a former flame, the pair hate each other on sight. The airport is in chaos and all flights are cancelled but, ever the gentleman, Felix offers Rose a bed when he discovers he has the last room in the hotel. The resulting storyline is witty, fun and the acting is brilliant.

This is a light romantic comedy that somehow leads to an important romance about half way through. Rose hides behind high hair and theatrical makeup but manages to stun Felix when he finally sees her sans both. Caught as they are in the circumstances and unable to escape they both do some soul searching out loud and let out some startling revelations. They bicker and argue, mainly over food, but when Rose says she is returning to a man she hates, Felix goes into action. He takes over the Hotel kitchen and cooks her some food which she loves and that as they say is that. But chaos takes over one last time and they part, Felix to seek his old flame and Rose to her job in Mexico.

To reveal the ending would be a major spoiler and it's not going to happen here. But it's worth watching this film not just to see the ending but to inhale and savour the quality of both acting and script.