Country: USA.
Language: English.
Release Date: 2016.
AKA: Pasajeros.
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt.
Director: Morten Tyldum.
Reboot: .


The spacecraft Avalon is transporting 5,000 colonists and 258 crewmembers, in hibernation pods, to the planet Homestead II. A journey that will take 120 years. Disaster strikes thirty years into the crossing, as Avalon passes through an asteroid field, which causes a malfunction. The fault awakens one passenger, mechanical engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), 90 years early.

Michael Sheen (Arthur) is pretty amazing in this film. He plays the affable bartender, who also happens to be a Robot. It's a subtle role but combined with the visual effects Michael makes a stand out, perfect Robot. He's also a user of mild sarcasm, always a winner for me.

Spoilers, Will Robinson, Spoilers:
So, we see the asteroids hit the spacecraft and then Jim Preston wakes up and we get to know him a little better.

He plunges into melancholy as he realises he is destined to die alone of old age, as it is 90 years til the other passengers wake up.

Jim becomes infatuated with the still sleeping Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). He is depressed and going a little crazy being alone and he wants to wake Aurora up.

He goes to the bar and chats with Arthur, who tells Jim straight out that he can't wake Aurora up because it would be like murder.

Jim runs to chat with the OS who says exactly the same thing. So, despite all that, Jim wakes Aurora up, then runs and hides.

Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely beautiful in this film and her character is very pleasant, providing a good balance of humour and pathos. My favourite performance of JLaw's to date, no doubt.

Aurora and Jim spend time together to get to know each other. They go on a date and drink cocktails. Aurora then gets naked, for some reason, and they both go "outside" and hang for a while in space.

Once back inside the ship they "do the deed" and we see lots of kissing and a montage of romantic scenes ensue. It's very well put together.

Unfortunately, the bubble bursts when Arthur lets the cat out of the bag and tells Aurora that Jim woke her up on purpose. Which doesn't end well for Jim, as she won't talk to him and runs away and hides from him.

Jim finds an autobot and tells Aurora that she should go to sleep and wake up on Homeland II. She gets sad and says "but I would never see you again, there's only one autobot".

So, they spend their time together and establish gardens, grow vegetables and they also build a small hut on the floor of Avalon.

The others wake up to this small paradise that Aurora and Jim have created within the ship.

Box Office:
The film made $303.1mil at the Worldwide Box Office. Production costs were $110mil. The film was nominated for two Oscars, Art Direction and Original Score. They should definitely win for the Art Direction, as it was fabulous.

I refuse to need your approval Rotten Tomatoes, this film rocks, and it's on my play list.