Country: USA.
Language: English.
Release Date: 2017.
AKA: Convidados Sem Honra.
Starring: Anna Kendrick. Lisa Kudrow.
Director: Jeffrey Blitz.
Reboot: .

Table 19

Eloise (Anna Kendrick), having been relieved of maid of honour duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man, Teddy, (via text), decides to attend the wedding anyway. A lot of thought goes into that decision as the RSVP is ticked yes, then no, then half burned, then sent. Arriving at the Reception she finds herself seated with five fellow unwelcome guests at the dreaded Table 19. They all soon work out that this is not a table of honour.

Firstly, the music!! Winding back to very early 80's we are blessed with cover versions of some nostalgic tunes that are very much relevant today.

Those tracks include three favourites of mine, Melt With You from Modern English (1982); Tenderness from The General Public (English Beat) (1984); Dance Hall Days from Wang Chung (1983). There are more but back to this film.

Table 19 is put together very well, the script is entertaining, the actors form a bond and you feel they're becoming a family unit as the wedding progresses. Community.

There is a scene near the beginning of the film where Teddy (Wyatt Russell, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's son) is really mean to Eloise and she feels isolated and damaged. A stranger, Huck, comes and dances her away leaving her ex staring after them and considerably annoyed.

The tremendously handsome stranger is an actor I'd not come across before, Thomas Cocquerel, and his cameo in Table 19 appears to have launched his career. According to IMDB he has six films in post-production in 2017, one of which is "In Like Flynn" where he will play Errol Flynn. Looking forward to it already.

There is enormous chemistry between Eloise and Huck and their dance leads the audience to suspect there will be fireworks later. Not the case, as Huck turns out to be no Prince Charming and is sprung marrying another woman on that very day. Shame.

The family of Table 19 turns the tables, so to speak, and "acquire" Huck's cake, theirs having been destroyed in an accident. So, they save the wedding and get to eat cake.

A word about Lisa Kudrow, I am more and more in love with this woman as time goes on. The more I see of her work, the more appealing she is as a character actor. Loved her as Phoebe but she has flourished since leaving the Phoebster behind.

Anna Kendrick, the unlikely star, has the best comedic timing and her turn as Eloise is an emotional rollercoaster. In the words of New Order "Up, down, turn around, please don't let me hit the ground".

It's about half way through the film and we learn that Eloise is pregnant, which makes Teddy seem to be a monster. He dumped her via txt message when he learned she was pregnant, what a tosser.

All six Table 19 residents deserve their screen time, Kudrow, Kendrick and June Squibb, Craig Robinson, Tony Revolori and the infamous Stephen Merchant.

Ending Spoilers:
Eloise only ever wanted Teddy and the baby came between them and she realises she has to tell him. So, they all go to the ferry and Eloise shouts at Teddy but he can't hear her and the ferry leaves.

Later, back at the reception, a dripping Teddy turns up and tells Eloise that he couldn't hear what she had said but it sounded good so he dived in and swam back to shore.

A small nod to John Hughes where Stephen Merchant and Tony Revolori do the stepping dance thing from The Breakfast Club (that Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Antony Michael Hall do). I guess all that indie 80's music is always going to be associated with John Hughes.

I refuse to need your approval Rotten Tomatoes. Table 19 is on my play list.

Box Office:
The film earned just over $5mil at the Worldwide Box Office.