Country: USA.
Language: English.
Release Date: 1962.
AKA: Amor al vuelo.
Starring: Doris Day. Cary Grant.
Director: Delbert Mann.
Reboot: .

That Touch Of Mink

Cathy Timberlake (Doris Day) is a conservative country girl who meets the potential man of her dreams, Philip Shayne (Cary Grant), after his Rolls Royce splashes her with mud on her way to a job interview. Philip is a starry-eyed entrepreneur who is taken by Cathy's sincere heart. There's one problem, he's not interested in marriage while Cathy has never thought of anything else.

Uh, Spoilers.

Firstly, not getting into the whole fur debate, it's 1962 people, you can't argue unless you were around at the time.

Didn't really understand the attraction myself but Hollywood certainly made Mink and Ermine the creme del la creme of fur coats. Personally I blame Edith Head, for she, in her wisdom, styled everyone in head to toe fur eventually.

So, Phillip splashes Cathy head to toe after hitting a puddle of water and mud as he is driven past in a chauffeured luxury car.

Doris heads to an automat, a fast food restaurant with little cubicles for the food, which you help yourself to. Her friend, Audrey Meadows (Alice, The Honeymooners), helps Cathy to some free food. As a child I loved those automat restaurants and always wanted to go to one, until I did and realised it's often better to not get your wishes fulfilled.

Philip sends Roger (Gig Young), his assistant, to offer Cathy money to pay for dry-cleaning which she refuses.

Had a huge crush on Gig Young for years and his comedic turn in this film is fabulous. The sessions with his Psychiatrist are pretty much priceless and the running gag is that the Doctor thinks Roger is gay with the punch line at the end of the film. Roger has no idea.

Looking back at this film is interesting because it seems out of context that good girl Cathy would run off to an island paradise with Phillip but she does and is rewarded with a Mink coat and clothed in the most amazingly stylish gowns you can imagine.

The scene at the Hotel where good girl Cathy suspects everyone knows they're not married is kind of fun. But Cathy gets hives from nervousness and Phillip gets nada so he sits by the pool and chats with other men waiting for their partners.

Roger is quite excited that "Joan of Arc" (Cathy) put out the fire, a metaphor for Phillip not getting what he thought he was getting.

Again, such weird innuendo in a Hollywood film, they banned double beds in films and couples slept in single beds in the same room, so this film is so far left it's nearly right.

There is a great scene where Cathy decides to sleep with Phillip but she has to get drunk first because she is nervous. Eventually, she is so drunk she falls out the window but is saved by a canopy and just as Phillip arrives Cathy passes out.

There are more twists and turns to follow until Phillip and Cathy finally get together but they are married first. A little bit of jealousy made Phillip realise that what he wanted was Cathy, just Cathy.

It's not my favourite Doris Day or Cary Grant film but it's a film that is worth watching for Gig Young's performance alone.

Box Office:
The film earned $17.6mil approximately at the Worldwide Box Office.