Country: USA.
Language: English.
Release Date: 2016.
AKA: En nombre del amor.
Starring: Teresa Palmer, Benjamin Walker.
Director: Ross Katz.

The Choice

An irresistible attraction leads to a blossoming romance between feisty medical student Gabby (Teresa Palmer) and her new neighbour Travis (Benjamin Walker).

Eight weeks after its release The Choice was pulled from Cinemas. The box office stats were roughly $18mil Worldwide.

I sit down with an open mind to watch a film and don't look at reviews beforehand. So, to me this film was watchable and unlike some of the dreadful reviews it received I'm going to tell you why I liked it and the crucial mistake they made in the script.

Firstly, I'd never seen Benjamin Walker in anything other than this and I was blown away at his portrayal of Travis. The way he interacted with Gabby and the way he spoke to her and looked at her were so endearing.

It's not all easy going for Gabby and Travis as when they first meet he is interested in her but all she sees is a womanizer. She becomes quite hostile towards him and he kisses her, which complicates things because she has a boyfriend.

Eventually, Travis proposes and Gabby says no. He goes after her to her parent's house, makes a big scene and proposes again. And, what seems like a few minutes later they are married with two children.

All the while I'm watching this and kind of getting into it. It's nice seeing a young couple in love and with children. The whole Hollywood loving family meme but it was a little quick even for me.

All of the above is what I liked about this film. What I didn't like comes next and, in the words of Buggs Bunny, it's a doozie.

Spoiler Alert:
The most improbable ending of a film I've ever seen. Gabby is hit by a car and slips into a Coma and remains that way for three months.

And, this is where "The Choice" comes in, as Travis has to choose to turn off life support or wait it out a little longer. But he just can't make the choice, he can't turn off her life support, he can't sleep, he can't do anything but build a Gazebo. Yep, it's what you do when you're grieving, quite probably anything to occupy your mind.

Anyway, after the Gazebo is finished Travis feels that something has changed and he rushes to the Hospital. Gabby is awake.

At this point I was rolling my eyes and saying worst ending ever but then they talk to each other.

Seems Gabby could hear Travis talking to her the whole time and it was what kept her alive.

Enough. No more. Gag.