Country: USA.
Language: English.
Release Date: 2017.
AKA: Hambre de poder.
Starring: Michael Keaton. Laura Dern.
Director: John Lee Hancock.
Reboot: .

The Founder

The story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a salesman who turned Dick and Mac McDonald's innovative fast food eatery, into the biggest restaurant business in the World. Using only his ambition, persistence and ruthlessness.

Spoilers Galore:
This film goes through the intricate details of how one man, Ray Kroc, was able to manipulate his way into the fledgling McDonalds Restaurant Company.

Love that they go right back to the beginning of this story and it shows Mac (John Carrol Lynch) and Dick McDonald (Nick Offerman) working out their "speedy system". They decided that staff would be trained to put burgers together and guarantee a 30 second turn around in their one Restaurant.

They set up chalk marks on a tennis court and have the staff train to not run into each and deliver on time. It was pretty amazing to watch. This also helps them to design their kitchen for ease of use by the staff.

So, along comes Ray Kroc who pushes the brothers to Franchise, its not all smooth sailing though. Selling the first Franchise to one of his idle-rich friends proves disastrous. On his first visit he discovers there is no love, burnt food, rubbish piling up everywhere, the introduction of fried chicken and other foods with no concept in place to get the food done speedily.

He learns something from this and the second Franchise has a couple that love to work together and take pride in their Restaurant. The result is happy Franchisees and happy clients and most of all happy Kroc.

But the brothers aren't happy because they see Kroc's inflated ego and start to get nervous. Regardless of how they feel Kroc just keeps expanding and the individual Franchisees are making loads of money while he as the Franchisor is going into debt.

Kroc's finances worsen and the Bank won't lend any more money. But a chance meeting with a guy at the bank, Harry Sonneborn (B.J. Novak), who overhears Kroc's conversation and chases Kroc to tell him something must be wrong if he is not making buckets of money.

So, Sonneborn explains to Kroc that it's the real estate, he should be buying the real estate and earning revenue by renting it back to the franchisees.

The business expands rapidly once the real estate is factored in but Kroc's ego expands right along with it. He starts to defy the brothers, he puts fake milkshakes into the restaurants, and he starts sending out material with "The McDonald Corporation" as the Header. At this point in time there was no McDonald's Corporation.

The brothers are very unhappy now and it all ends in a screaming match with Dick having a heart attack.

Winding up, Kroc basically swindled the brothers out of the royalties they should have earned; out of the business that was rightfully theirs; he also swindled his wife (Laura Dern) out of their marriage with no money and married the younger version of her (yeesh they made Linda Cardellini look just like Laura Dern).

McDonalds is the World's largest landowner and the guy who suggested that, Sonneborn, went on to be CEO of The McDonalds Corporation but later resigned after falling out with Kroc. Seems Kroc swindled him out of his cushy job as well.

Box Office:
The film earned $24.1mil at the Worldwide Box Office. No production costs were shown.

And, I refuse to need your approval Rotten Tomatoes. Loved this film, it's both smart and satisfying, courtesy Mr Michael Keaton.