Country: USA, UK, Canada.
Language: English.
Release Date: 2015
AKA: Igor.
Starring: James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe.
Director: Paul McGuigan.

Victor Frankenstein

An interesting take on the Frankenstein genre where the focus is from Igor's perspective. Igor (Radcliffe) becomes enslaved as a hunchback clown in a circus and is bullied relentlessly. When he feels all is lost, a saviour walks into the circus in the form of a young medical student, Victor Frankenstein (McAvoy).

When the film opens Igor is scurrying around on all fours because of his Hunchback. It is an amazing thing to watch, as Radcliffe must have spent hours preparing for this role physically. And, it's a great performance to watch albeit it's only a few scenes long.

The other out of the ordinary thing is when Victor drains the cyst on Igor's back which is the cause of his deformity. That and a simple harness allow Igor's posture to improve dramatically. Victor then names him "Igor Straussman" after a recently deceased roommate and the two become partners and Igor, a member of Society.

It appears early on that Igor is a bit of a genius and a self taught physician. Victor is keen to use him for his knowledge and help to create a way towards immortality for Mankind.

According to Rotten Tomatoes the film is worth a 25% score only. A little harsh but justifiable by the ending I think. This film had it all going on for me; it was exciting and interesting with great cinematography and aesthetics, plus two good performances from McAvoy and Radcliffe. Good supporting cast with Charles Dance (Game Of Thrones) and Jessica Brown Findlay (The Riot Club).

But then they went and spoilt it all by doing something stupid like creating a living being out of body parts. And, yes, I have read the Mary Shelley book. It was always a brainless idea (pun intended) but the dramatics of the final scenes aren't that credible or interesting. And, this film, and its cast, deserved better.

Box Office:
The film made just over $34mil at the Worldwide Box Office.