Country: USA
Language: English. Spanish.
Release Date: 2007
AKA: Paranoia
Starring: Shia LaBeouf. Carrie-Anne Moss.
Director: D.J. Caruso.


Kale (LaBeouf) becomes an angry young man after his Father is killed in a car accident. He rebels and eventually punches a teacher. The result is he is placed under house arrest and has to wear an anklet alarm. As he is bored, he spends a lot of time watching the neighbours through his rear window and soon suspects he has uncovered a serial killer next door.

As a big fan of the film Rear Window (1954) I was very interested in watching the reboot, Disturbia.

To be honest, I think Hitchcock might have been proud of this film. There was a lot of tension right from the outset with the car accident. And, the director manages to keep that tension growing through the second half of the film.

Kale decides that he will watch the neighbours because his Mother has banned TV and Internet. So he watches his new female neighbour Ashley (Sarah Roemer) who becomes a friend even though he is a total stalker. So, Kale decides to watch his other new neighbour Mr Turner (David Morse) instead.

When Kale suspects he sees Turner murdering a girl he calls in his friends Ashley and Ronnie (Aaron Yoo). Well, he calls the police first but all this does is alert Turner to the fact that they are on to him. The police can't find any evidence so they leave.

Turner soon warns Kale, his mother Julie (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Ashley to leave him to his privacy.

Spoiler Alert:
The final scenes are horrific and I'm not sure Hitchcock would have done it this way but it is an ending to remember.

Julie eventually goes to Turner's house and asks him not to press charges on Kale. Turner knocks her out and ties her to a post. As this is happening Ronnie shows Kale the video he took inside Turner's house and they can clearly see the body of a dead woman stuffed into a wall.

Kale pulls off his anklet alarm and goes to find Julie. He finds instead a pit full of dead bodies and more bodies stuffed into the wall.

Finding Julie, Kale unties her and just as Turner attacks Julie, she stabs him and then Kale tips him into the pit. He is presumed dead.

Reboot, Nay or Yay? Is this a reboot? In a way yes it is but it is more an homage to Hitchcock with an updated theme.

I like this film a lot and the unnecessary criticism from some critics like "It's for an audience that would rather Dial "P" for Pizza than Dial "M" for Murder". Harsh.

Oh, and by the way, Spielberg was eventually sued for copying "Rear Window" which I felt was another harsh decision. "Ten Things I hate about You" was just a reboot of "The Taming of The Shrew", as was "Kiss Me Kate". Nobody was sued. "Warm Bodies" is just "Romeo and Juliet" with a zombie twist. Nobody was sued. And, finally "Clueless" is just Jane Austen's "Emma". Nobody was sued.

I think you get where I'm going with this ...

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Box Office:
The film made over $117mil at the Worldwide Box Office.