Country: Canada, USA
Language: English.
Release Date: 2015
AKA: A Ultima Rapariga.
Starring: Abigail Breslin, Wes Bently.
Director: Tyler Shields.

Final Girl

Veronica, the new girl in town, is lured into the woods by a group of senior boys looking to make her a victim. But the boys don't know that Veronica's been trained to handle herself in surprisingly lethal ways.

Must admit I'm a big fan of both Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley. And, while browsing Netflix I spotted "Final Girl" which had both of them in the cast, so clicking play was a given.

A lot of people have had a lot to say about this film and most of it has been negative. But for me the journey from start to finish was a wonder. But who am I to judge because as a steadfast Van Sant fan I watched the whole of "Gerry" including Casey Afleck's walk across the desert at a 49 minute duration.

But I digress, back to "Final Girl". Imagine an orphaned girl who is extremely intelligent and is asked if she wants to learn more about life. She just goes along with this unnamed man (Bentley) and we fast forward to 13 years later. Where Veronica (Breslin) is a trained assassin.

She is informed about a group of College Students (males) who are hunting and killing women for sport. Her mentor suggests she could possibly stop them.

This premise appears in the first 20 or so minutes of the film and the rest is pure tension. The snide, spoilt, stereotypical bunch of serial killers are shown perfectly when you're first introduced to the "boys" in the woods.

When Veronica discovers that one of the boys has a girlfriend she goes on a reconnoitre mission and gets some crucial information.

Even though there are loopholes in the script and you are kept guessing about Wes Bentley's character and why Veronica takes so long to stop pretending to be a victim the film had me enthralled.

And, I was not disappointed by the ending at all. There was something completely satisfying about the boys getting their just desserts. Anyone who has watched Gellar as Buffy or Moretz as Hit Girl will know what I mean here.

I liked that they glossed over the facts because the big picture was great to watch. Boring down to the nitty gritty would have been, just that, boring.

The film made $5mil at the box office and went straight to video. Which is a shame. But what was alarming were the contradictory storylines that were being written about. The story line is very simple and couldn't be confused, so I think perhaps some of the critics didn't actually watch the film. Their loss.