Country: USA.
Language: English. Albanian. Spanish.
Release Date: 2006.
AKA: El plan perfecto.
Starring: Denzel Washington, Clive Owen.
Director: Spike Lee.
Reboot: .

Inside Man

The story starts with a well-organized gang entering a Manhattan bank, locking the doors, and taking hostages. The leader, Dalton Russell (Owen), allows things get out of control pretty quickly and Detective Frazier (Washington) is called in to handle the negotiations. The Bank's President, Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), has something to protect in a safe deposit box, so he brings in Madeleine White (Jodie Foster), a high-power broker with a duplicitous agenda.

Oh, and Spoilers:

It's the Denzel and Clive show, as Detective Frazier and Dalton Russell together are a force majeure.

But saying that, there are some pretty incredible supporting actors in the film like Christopher Plummer, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Willem Dafoe.

This is one of my favourite noughties films, a seemingly casual bank robbery with spiralling consequences.

It's fun to watch Detective Frazier dealing with the surprisingly well-informed heister that is Russell, a man to be taken seriously.

Nice to see Jodie Foster in a power position outwitting the testosterone around her, well, temporarily. It seems even fictional ladies can't win more than a scene or two, unless, of course they are BtVS.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is Frazier's sidekick and he is awe and some. These two black men are amazing and together they are a gift to Hollywood.

Seriously imaginative acting and the scripting is pure gold. Kudos to Willem Dafoe for just being Willem Dafoe, always exceptional.

When Frazier finally confronts White she says; there is a famous quote by the Baron De Rothschild; "When there's blood on the streets buy Real Estate." She is inferring that Case was connected to the Nazi Party during WW2.

The actual Bank robbery is complicated, with twists and turns and surprises everywhere. It is worth watching this film for the ins and outs of the goodies versus the not so good.

Frazier is reverse pick-pocketed by Russell and finds a large diamond ring in his pocket and he realises it is from Arthur Case's safety deposit box. Which, we find out, Case stole from one of his Jewish friends in the 40's.

This gentleman's nod to Frazier from Russell is seen as his way of allowing Frazier to propose to his girlfriend, something they had chatted about at one stage of the investigation.

Box Office:
The film earned upwards of $184.3mil at the Worldwide Box Office. The production budget was $45mil.