Country: Australia.
Language: English.
Release Date: 2015.
AKA: .
Starring: Brett Lee. Tannishtha Chatterjee.
Director: Anupam Sharma.
Reboot: Reminiscent of Bend It Like Beckham.


unINDIAN is a charming Australian film. It's the tale of a beautiful and independent Indian girl named Meera (Tannishtha Chatterjee), a single parent, who meets and falls in love with a boy from Oz, Will (Brett Lee).

unINDIAN isn't your typical Aussie film and there are a lot of reasons to watch and meet all the unusual and, at times, bohemian characters.

Brett Lee, the former cricketer, debuts his acting career as Will. The reviews are very harsh and the Bogan word is used quite a lot, which I found insensitive and judgemental. I found the film delightful, even if those reviews emphasize it's just a rehashed "Bend It Like Beckham"; it actually has more charm than that film.

Meera and her 10-year-old daughter Smitha (Maya Sathi) live with her parents in Sydney. Smitha becomes very attached to Will but her Mother doesn't share the sentiment at first.

The family and Will's friends are hilarious especially with the cooking show (his mates) and the matchmaking (her family).

The film is well put together with good casting and a very "up" script.

Will runs a school for new immigrants where he teaches them how to talk and act like an Australian and it's very funny to watch. Especially the chap who mixes up his dinky di sayings, like saying he's a thrower, instead of a "tosser".

Brett Lee is believable and tender as he deals with both mother and daughter.

His school management get very angry about his Course and ask for Statistics and Figures on how it is performing. Which is a metaphor for "we want you and your students out of here".

Later in the film Will is talking to a journalist about the school and the journo runs a positive piece on the News which is widely accepted and there is a rush of new students applying for the Course.

Will is eventually promoted to a top job overseas, so the school management got their wish to get rid of him.

There are a couple of dramatic moments towards the end of the film but they are too good to spoil here.

And the ending is quite possibly predictable but very appealing.

Box Office
Worldwide box office $155,245k. Sigh.